Gallery XII: Stresa


A week on holiday in the small Italian town of Stresa on the shores of Lago Maggiore.


In good weather, you can get some pretty good views when flying across Europe. Of course, in cloudy weather you just get a big boring white sea!

Home for the week.
The Villa Aminta

Cute car often parked outside!

Views from the hotel's front garden.

Night views of the hotel.
And out across the lake at Isole Bella
Sitting on the lake front in Stresa town center... ...relaxing and enjoying and ice-cream.

Isole Bella and Isole Superiore di Pescatori
as seen from the Lago Maggiore ferry service.

Views of Isole Bella

A garden of sculptures by Helidon Xhixha

The monumental graveyard in Milan.

Castello Sforzesco

Il Duomo

The gardens of
Villa Taranto

And then back to Isole Madre.

Home of the Borromeo family mansion, a peculiar menagerie (including the obligatory white peacocks) and plenty more gardens.

This was a 7 mile walk up Mt. Mottorone that became a 14 mile expedition with hail storms, vertical and/or non-existing paths, a hostel that had stopped serving meals (although it was an unexpected bonus anyway!).

All good fun :-)

The Swiss Alps

The End


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