Quantocks by Mountain Bike


Here are some memories from a weekend in the Quantocks (Somerset). The trip was organised by JamJam and there were about 30 of us nutters present.

Many miles were ridden, many drinks were imbibed and much fun was had by all. The weekend was mid-February so it was fairly cold out when not riding (or pushing!) the bike up a hill, but the scenery was truly gorgeous.


I thought this was a riding weekend not a walking one!

Where we came from...
(which was a lot steeper than it looks)
...and where we then went to.

Climbing the Misty Mountain.
The view from Misty Mountain.

Stopping for a much needed rest.

Getting there...
Still getting there...
The way back down :-).

The view when we stopped for lunch. Of course, stopping in the valley (or combe as they are known locally) meant that lunch was immediately followed by a long slog back up to the ridge again :-(.

Great views at the top I
Great views at the top II
Great views at the top III

Is that the sea over there?
No, it's a herd of insane cyclists!
Oh there!
Yup, that's the sea.

Doing it the hard way.
Doing it the easy way.


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